New Yarra Valley Nursery at Alowyn Gardens

The Nursery Is Open


The new Alowyn Nursery has been fully renovated and re-built in two stages. The first stage was opened on September 1st 2014, with an extensive range of plants, ground cover roses, trees and fruit trees. Sebastian has been working very hard to pave a large area and Mathias has been busy installing an extensive water recycling system to cut our water usage to a minimum. The first stage has been fitted with a high shade cloth roof to protect the plants from extreme weather (hail, frost and hot sun in the summer).

The second stage has now been opened and contains all the sun-loving plants along with water plants in large bins. New lines in the nursery include roses, fruit trees, succulents, salvias, edible plants, shade tolerant plants, sun-loving natives, ornamental grasses and ground covers. All the plants are very reasonably priced. Most of the plants for sale have been road tested in our extensive gardens for suitability to the area.