The site for Alowyn Gardens was chosen in the Yarra Valley as it experiences definite seasons throughout the year, having a classic cold Winter, with below zero temperatures, usually a wet Spring and hot Summers to ripen off corn, apples, quinces and pumpkins. The Autumn in the Yarra Valley is classic, with warm days, calm conditions and cool dewy nights, perfect for beautiful Autumn colour.  

When the gardens are fully completed there will be up to 15 different garden spaces, courtyards and pond areas. The purpose is to inspire our visitors with plant combinations, potted plants, solar fountains, sculpture, ponds, paths and decking and to take ideas home to use in large and small gardens. These gardens have been designed to demonstrate what can be achieved in a small space by connecting a number of design features. Some of the spaces are small, some large, but all have interesting elements to them.