This is the last piece of the puzzle and one of the most important because it provides organic food. The building of the garden is interesting because this part of the garden originally had the worst soil, very shallow, sitting on heavy clay and rock. Our solution has been to remove the topsoil from the garden beds one by one and dig all the clay out to a depth of 1.25 metres. The trench then gets back filled with pruning’s and other organic material, including compost. When the trench is overfilled, we put the topsoil back on top mixed with horse manure. This gives us raised beds which are perfect for vegetables.

This vegetable garden gives us a large crop of pumpkins every year and all the vegetables we need
with the aim being to supply the café with fresh vegetables every day.

A small part of the vegetable garden is also used to grow flowers for the tables in the courtyards and cafe.