The Maple Courtyard was built in 2005 and has evolved many times over the years. It is a place designed for customers to enjoy the tranquility with a cup of coffee. A new addition has been the bronze two tiered fountain which providces a lovely visual ambience.

Construction commenced in 2005

Open to the public in 2009

Our Canadian Maples variety ‘October Glory’ were added to the courtyard to give the space shade in the summer. Here the October Glory Maples are being planted into the Maple Courtyard by crane. Each tree was grown in the French Garden area and started as a 60cm cutting and placed in the courtyard once they reached 5m high.


In Autumn these trees transform the Courtyard into bright show of red foliage. In the Wisteria Courtyard pergola adjoins the cafe/function room and is covered in Wisteria and Virginia Creeper, providing shade in summer, and carries the red hue into this space in Autumn to match the Canadian Maples.

The Maple Courtyard in Autumn 2023