wisteria arbour

This is a freestanding timber and steel structure designed especially for this garden to show off
the spectacular racaemes of the Wisteria floribunda “Macrobotrys”, Japanese wisteria.

The longest flower we have measured in 2011, twelve years after planting, was 1620mm long.

The archway has three functions:

1. It is the central theme that links all other parts of the garden together; it is like the central spine in a cathedral.

2. It provides wonderful shade for garden visitors in Summer; and and provides a grand but intimate setting for wedding ceremonies and other functions.

3. It displays the amazing wisteria flower curtain and after that has finished flowering, climbing roses on the outside of the poles, “Pierre de Ronsard” and “Crepescule”.


The wisteria is usually in full flower for approximately 4 weeks in October each year, weather dependent.